WARNING- The lab I use for sports pictures is taking longer then normal to process orders.  Please don't count on getting something before Christmas just in case. 

Below are links to order sports or pictures only.  Any other clients please go to the Client Image section. 

I am using a new ordering system!  It allows you to customize the memory mates and order magnets and buttons.  Please let me know if you have any issues. 

Ordering Tips and Info- Prints and items will be sent to you directly in the mail! You will customize your own memory mates!! This means you pick what images go on it and you decide what text you want on there.  It is okay to leave a line blank. (please take your time filling out, if there is an error I can't fix it, orders go directly to the lab).  

Please crop the images how you want the finished print to look.  I leave extra room when I photograph to allow cropping for 8x10's.   I will not refund your money if you cropped the image wrong.  Please double check. 

I am putting all fall sports in each school's gallery, you may have to scroll to find your athlete. 

Email or use contact form if you have any questions or need help.  jayme@photographybyjayme.com

***You Have to click ADD gallery to get where you put the password.  If you view from your phone it may send you a photo day code first and then once you are in the system is when you add the gallery and put the school password******

Indiana sports photography


Knox School

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